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Enque Updates

Consumer-facing companies are tasked with the difficult challenge of keeping up with customer expectations. The rapidly changing landscape of e-commerce makes meeting those standards a moving target; choice, assurance, convenience, and transparency are all factors that online shoppers are beginning to expect to varying degrees.At the forefront of this new shopping experience is fast, convenient delivery.  This is where Enque comes in.Not only do we provide a flexible solution for same-day delivery, but we’re building the solutions for your customer’s exceptional experience.Integrating the power of Enque into your online experience is essential for a modern shopping experience, and we’ve made it easy to do so!

Enque + Your Website

Our storefront shipping management partners – Zapiet, Turbo Delivery, and ShipperHQ– allow businesses like yours and the millions of other retailers to power same day delivery from your site with a couple of clicks.  With Enque, you can offer on-demand deliveries, scheduled deliveries, and returns  – today, tomorrow, or up to 30 days out.

You’ve invested in building a brand and audience that is accustomed to visiting your website. Our new integrations makes it fast and simple for those customers to receive same day delivery without going anywhere else — because you should own the customers experience through and through.

How it works Contact our team to set up an account with Enque –  we’ll walk you through all the features that come with our same day delivery network—real-time package tracking, affordable rates, and a helpful support team.You can then install the shipping management of choice on your site. These plug ins allows you to manage your delivery options – including serviceable zip codes, delivery times, blackout dates etc.  After installing Zapiet or one of our other partners, you can plug in the agreed upon terms of your Enque partnership and seamlessly integrate with your store.

For consumers: After you have Enque integrated your website, customers are given numerous options at checkout to receive their package exactly when they want. From on-demand deliveries to scheduling one up to 30 days out, Enque gives shoppers the power of convenience and choice.Once a consumer’s package is en-route, they can follow along with our real-time tracking tool, knowing exactly where their purchase is every mile of the way.

Options. Convenience. Assurance.

For retailers: Our integrations don’t stop at making the lives of consumers easier! After consumers choose a delivery option, many of our integration partners have helpful sets of tools and features to make packaging and managing that delivery across outlets simple and convenient.

Offering Same Day Today For online and omnichannel retailers looking to offer same day delivery from their e-commerce experience like yourself, you can read more about our Zapiet integration here or our ShipperHQ integration here. Additionally, you can follow this link for more information on our SMB offering and to get a quote on a same day delivery option.

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