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How Same Day Delivery can re-energize your customer experience

Enterprise / National Retailers, Small Business

2019 has seen a rebirth of interest in brick and mortar retail—but not in the traditional sense. Consumers aren’t abandoning their comfy e-commerce shopping experiences to drudge around local strip malls again, but instead are using a combination of in-store and online experiences to find exactly what they’re looking for.This, as is often talked about on the Enque blog, is omnichannel retail, and savvy, incumbent retailers have been quick to leverage their existing network of stores to complement their online shopping experiences.

Multi-touchpoint strategy

A blend of on- and off-line touchpoints in a customer’s buying experience forces retailers to offer a spectrum of choice and convenience to perfectly suit a customer’s needs. Whether it’s having samples in-store that can be purchased online, free same-day delivery, or a seamless return process, omnichannel retail has fundamentally higher standard to meet.This means that retailers must achieve new levels of predictability and responsiveness, or pay a heavy price. Those that do, on the other hand, are shown to be reaping the benefits.Studies have continued to show that retailers are benefiting from taking a thoughtful approach to their omnichannel strategy. Harvard Business Review found that online shopping cart values were 60% higher if the customer had previously visited a store.Flexible & flawless

The expectations of consumers today can be distilled into a few simple words: flawless, but flexible.With 67% of consumers expecting same-day delivery and even more expecting a plethora of delivery options, retailers are continually being expected to offer exactly what customers need on any certain day—whatever that may be. When it comes to same day delivery, retailers have a few options:Invest in their own operations and infrastructure.Partner with 3rd party solutions that can dynamically flex to the needs of the retailer.The cost of managing delivery in-house, the fleets of vehicles, drivers, and the logistics to schedule and optimize, can require  a massive capital investment and often leads to a system that’s too large to be sustainable year around. Enque offers a flexible same-day delivery solution for retailers; no fixed cost, pay by the delivery, and have the ability to offer same-day options immediately.

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