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How grocery stores can upgrade their Experience

A Nielsen study found that online grocery sales are expected to explode from approximately two percent to 20 percent of all sales by 2023 — the savviest grocers are already repositioning themselves with same-day delivery solutions and seamless online experiences.

The next step for grocers is an end-to-end fulfillment solution for online and brick & mortar grocers  — and it’s now become simple. Integrating the moving pieces of online orders, to in-store fulfillment, to last-mile delivery requires everything working in sync.

We’ve been hard at work creating out-of-the-box solutions for grocers to have this streamlined functionality in their stores.

Integrations with eCommerce Solutions

For grocers looking to own their eCommerce experience instead of staking their business on a marketplace applications, there are many CMS tools to launch functional eCommerce websites and apps. Enque can seamlessly integrate with a number of these tools to provide a full-stack solution for grocers.

Content Management Systems

The Enque platform has been used to power the same-day delivery of grocer’s sites powered by GrocerKey, MyWebGrocer, SelfPoint. These tools make it simple to build a branded web experience where you can manage inventory and items, and customers can shop and purchase.

Alternatively, you can contact our team to learn about our Custom API integrations that can be used to create flexible solutions for exactly how your business operates.

In-store pick and pack

For many grocers, finding the bandwidth to pick, pack, and bring those items to the curb to be picked up for delivery can be a difficult problem. Your customer service and restocking solutions may not be easily retooled to fulfill online orders. We’ve formed relationship with services that bridge this gap.

Jyve gives grocers and brands additional bandwidth to complete tasks with a shared team of “Jyvers”, who fulfill eCommerce orders as well as help stock products in stores.

Jyve executes in-store tasks including E-Fulfillment Shopping, Merchandising, Ordering, Stocking, Display Building, and more. Jyve leverages proprietary technology to dynamically surface in-store needs to their skilled talent network and gives real-time visibility to their clients. You can read more about our partnership here.

Similarly, we have partnered with Takeoff to automate the pick and pack process and further reduce the last-mile delivery costs for eCommerce grocers.

Ocado for logistics

For grocers wanting to integrate with a 3rd party provider, Ocado uses centralized warehouses and grocery stores to deliver items directly to customers, eliminating the need for grocers to have a direct relationship with their online customers at all.

Enque’s same-day delivery network plugs into the the Ocado logistics platform to allow a simpler solution for distributing and selling grocer’s inventory.

Enque for last-mile delivery

The final piece of the grocery eCommerce puzzle is last mile delivery — where Enque excels. By carpooling goods together, dynamically flexing with demand, and offering real-time package tracking, Enque is a turnkey solution for grocery delivery.

Getting groceries from off the shelves all the way to the customer’s door has always been a large, difficult problem — a problem which our partnership with Jyve solves seamlessly. The first-of-its-kind service was carefully designed to give grocers an end-to-end eCommerce fulfillment solution from in-store operations to last mile delivery — all while maintaining the customer experience on the grocer’s branded eCommerce site.

Contact us to learn our other solutions for an end-to-end experience for you and your customers today.

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